The Road To A Better You

Wind City is the place for all your physical therapy needs. We provide one on one attention with a certified professional at each and every visit. We understand that no one person or injury is the same, which is why we use a combination of targeted techniques and technology to ensure the best results possible. Our evaluation process is designed to give us all the information needed to create a comprehensive treatment plan and assist you in setting appropriate goals for your lifestyle. This process allows us to track your progress and personalize your plan to recovery.

Taking A Team Approach

At Wind City Physical Therapy we have multiple therapists working hand in hand with each other to provide the best care possible. We know that one person rarely has all the answers, which is why working together creates an environment where your care always comes first. By being able to consult one another our team is able to achieve an extremely high success rate. However, we don't stop there. By having an exercise physiologist on staff ensures that each individual is able to return to their favorite activities at the highest level possible or even take their fitness goals to the next level.