Allie Hoyt


Allie Hoyt

Hometown: Glenrock, WY

Education (including certificates, degree, etc.): Bachelor’s in Biology with Chemistry minor at Black Hills State University 2016, Doctor of Physical Therapy at Midwestern University 2024

Certifications: Herman and Wallace Pelvic Level 1

Why did you choose PT: I have been an athlete all my life and always wanted to do something involving sports and athletes. I started on the road to becoming a PT after I tore my ACL in high school and later started working as a tech for WCPT at the Glenrock clinic. Working as a tech was when I decided I wanted to go into physical therapy.”

Hobbies: Reading, playing sports, CrossFit, playing video games, and spending time with my dog.

Motto for life: Learn to recognize the small wins. When starting a journey, they can be just as important as the big wins.”