Concussion Management

At Wind City Physical Therapy we understands that concussions can happen not only while playing sports or participating in recreational activities, but also in every day life. With the new focus on concussions not only in the sports world, but also in everyday activities some great new research has been provided in regards to how to properly manage concussion symptoms. We are able to evaluate and treat not only concussions and other orthopedic injuries associated with the concussion, but also patients suffering from whiplash. We use the Return To Play protocol with all our concussion and whiplash patients but specifically with our athletic patients. This greatly decreases the patients chance of getting a secondary concussion and ensures that the patient is capable of performing all the activities required of their sport before returning to play.

Here at Wind City we encourage parents and students to take a proactive approach to their concussion management. We are able to work hand in hand with your family doctor and complete the Return To Play 5 Step Process. By completing these steps here with us we are able to progress the patient at their own needed pace. With some patients they are able to return to their activities sooner then old concussion protocols would have allowed, but for others it may take longer. If it does take longer, it is due to the patient still being symptomatic and they need the additional time to recover.

If you are seeking care elsewhere for your concussion management and are unable to progress to Step 2 within 48 hours due to still being symptomatic, call us to have an evaluation. We are able to look at not only the patients cognitive behavior and their sensory motor skills. Which will allow us to see if there are other factors contributing to the patients symptoms.

Below you will see a chart of the 5 Step Return To Play Protocol along with a hyperlink to the Colorado Department of Education Concussion Management Guidelines. This is a great resource to view current concussion management practices and the research behind it.

If you have any questions are know someone who may have suffered a concussion, time is of the essence, give us a call today to get them schedule for a concussion evaluation.