About the Clinic - Hands On Physical Therapy - East

Hands on Physical Therapy is an all encompassed practice dedicated to your personal goals. We are proud to be an integral part of the Cheyenne community and look forward to working with you to provide highly effective and state of the art treatments. We are skilled in many aspects of Physical Therapy and clinical specialists in many areas.

We are highly trained Physical Therapists with experience in multiple settings. Our passion is dedicated towards helping anyone who is looking to make an improvement in his or her physical function.

Physical Therapy is a balance of Science and Art. We are experts in the study of human movement and how our daily lives contribute to pain, dysfunction, weakness, compensation and loss of mobility.

Our team is dedicated to promoting, guiding, and demonstrating a healthy and active lifestyle.

We always welcome new patients and depending on your insurance plan you typically do not need a referral to see us.

We are proud to offer a few treatment options that are unique to our office, we are on the cutting edge of health care and have proven to be very successful in the aide of prevention of surgery, return to lost hobbies and dreams, and all together improvement in general quality of life.

At Hands on Physical Therapy we dedicate your appointment time to you. Our appointments generally last 45 min and your treatments will be tailored to you. You will always be working with a licensed physical therapist professional. We believe that you deserve the best care and treatment possible and this involves 1-on-1 care.

We are Medicare and Medicaid providers. We are pleased to note that we are preferred providers of the following insurance plans:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Tricare


Matt Burks, PT, DPT, MS

Matt Burks, PT, DPT, MS

Matt is excited to be part of the Hands On team in Cheyenne. He completed his Bachelor’s in Exercise Science at the University of Tennessee, a Master’s in Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado, and earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Regis University in Denver. His particular areas of interest include pain science, motor control and motor learning, and exercise physiology. Outside of the clinic, you’re likely to find him practicing some gymnastics moves at the gym (a real work in progress), fly fishing, or mountain biking and camping with his wife, Kari.

Emily Wilson

Emily Wilson, PT, DPT

Emily graduated from Ithaca College's accelerated DPT program earning her Bachelor of Science in Clinical Health Studies in 2013 and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2015. Since graduation Emily has gained a certification (CMPTP) in trigger point dry needling and has attended a number of different manual courses including fascial manipulation and Redcord. Emily enjoys treating a variety of orthopedic conditions with a combination of manual and holistic approaches. Emily's specialty has become pelvic floor therapy, a field that she has grown in Cheyenne and is excited to continue to expand. If you find yourself struggling with incontinence or another pelvic floor issue come by the clinic, Emily would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

When not working, Emily enjoys yoga, snowboarding, swimming, hiking and being outdoors. She hopes to inspire patients to regain function in efforts to return to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.