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North 40 Physical Therapy offers treatment that is tailored to your situation. Each patient will undergo a detailed analysis of their condition to direct treatment to their individual needs. Our treatments are based on the most current medical evidence.

We are Doctoral trained Physical Therapists and have a range of specialties and a wealth of knowledge. Physical therapy is not a passive treatment and we want to help anyone improve their current physical state, and it is of vital importance that each individual take an active roll in their therapy.

Physical Therapy is a balance of Science and Art. We are experts in the study of human movement and how our daily lives contribute to pain, dysfunction, weakness, compensation and loss of mobility.

We always welcome new patients, and the state of Montana has direct access, meaning you may not need a physician referral for PT depending on your insurance.

We are proud to offer a few treatment options that are unique to our office, are on the cutting edge of health care and have proven to be very successful in the aide of prevention of surgery, return to lost hobbies and dreams, and all together improvement in general quality of life.

At North 40 Physical Therapy, we believe your time is important, therefore you will always work with a licensed physical therapy professional, and have one on one treatment. You can expect your appointment time to be about 45 minutes.


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Billings Physical Therapists & Staff

Our team is dedicated to promoting, guiding, and demonstrating a healthy and active lifestyle, we have the FIT (Functional Intense Training) program directed towards meeting each individuals weight loss or strength goals beyond just the need for skilled PT.

Josh Henderson, physical therapist

Josh Henderson


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    Date: 20 Nov 2019 Location: 1520 North 24th St W Billings, MT 59102 Time: 6pm- 7pm Register