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Welcome to Wind City, Hands On, and High Country Physical Therapy

If you are considering Physical Therapy, refer to the Locations page and contact the office nearest you for a consultation.

Direct Access now allows you to see a therapist without a doctor's prescription.

You, the patient, are the reason why our clinic is here.

  • Our focus is you.
  • Our goal is to unlock your potential to improve your qualify of life.
  • Our staff delivers innovative ideas to our patients and this will allow you to achieve superior outcomes.
  • We ensure every team member is highly trained to give you the best experience.

What Our Patients Are Saying

"When asked what she liked most about Wind City Physical Therapy,
Kari stated that, "The willingness to listen and help" were her top
things. I came in with leg and hip pain and was able to see results
within 1 visit."

"Jeremiah came to Wind City Physical Therapy with mobility and pain issues. When he first
came to us he could hardly walk. His doctor struggled to figure out what was causing these
issues. After working with Kathy Blair and being treated with trigger point dry needling he
immediately noticed an improvement in his mobility and was experiencing less pain. He
stated, 'The staff and PT's are the best that I've ever worked with.' "

"I had previously seen Kathy for migraines which I had experienced
for at least 10 years and was on medication for. After being treated
with trigger point dry needling I have not had a migraine for 2 years!
Thank you Kathy for diagnosing the problem immediately and treating me."

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