Karlee Cabral


Karlee Nordstrom

Hometown: Redmond, OR

Education (including certificates, degree, etc.): Doctor of Physical Therapy from Regis University, Bachelor’s in Exercise Sport Science from Oregon State University

Certifications: Vestibular Rehabilitation, Temporomandibular disorders

Why did you choose PT: “I became a PT so I could empower individuals that are struggling with pain and disabilities to reach their goals.  I fell in love with the science of kinesiology and exercise physiology which led me to Physical Therapy.  I am passionate about problem solving the “why” behind pain and I see every patient as a puzzle I get to solve.”

Hobbies: Fly fishing, hiking, skiing, camping, and bird hunting.

Family: One great husband, 1 perfect baby girl, and 2 crazy yellow labs.

What brings you to Casper: “I had a clinical rotation in Casper while I was in PT school.  At this time, I met my (now) husband who is a Casper native.  Now I love Casper with the easy outdoor access and great community.”

Motto for life: “Work hard and be nice.”